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Illustrator Fashion Templates & Adobe Illustrator Brushes: : You are a Flat Sketch Artist, an Apparel designer, a Accessory Designer or Graphic Artist...

Sketching a garment , working on fashion croquis templates illustrator, drawing a great flat sketch of handbag can be time consuming, specially if you need to add all the top stitching, flatlock details, zipper teeth, sequin tape, chain etc...

I have put together an inexpensive e-book a tool to help you draw faster. I use this fashion template all the time. It’s very handy & easy to use.  It’s about 101 brushes ready to use made in Adobe Illustrator CS3. You get: simple stitch, double stitch, triple stitch, flatlock stitching, zigzag stitch, appliqued tape, nylon zipper, Delrin sport zipper, metallic zipper, embroidery stitching, ricrac tape, gathering, sequin tape & more..

Transform the way you work forever ! Working easier and faster with great result!

 It’s about 101 brushes ready to use made in Adobe Illustrator CS3 . Look here what you will find in my e-book!

BRUSH 1-17: flatlock, mini flatlock, single-needle stitch, double-needle Stitch, double-needle Stitch  2, double-needle Stitch 3, triple-needle stitch 3, double-needle Diagonal Wide, double-needle Stitch wide, double-needle Diagonal 2, Cross Stitch 1, Cross Stitch 2, Cross Stitch 3, Cross Stitch 4, single-needle diagonal, triple-needle stitch 2 & split needle stitch.